submission guidelines

note: if you notice any instances of plagiarism, etc. by our contributors of which we were unaware, we would greatly appreciate if you informed us of them via email and thank you for taking the time to help us uphold the integrity of our journal.

thank you for your interest in submitting to indigo literary journal. we ask that you kindly adhere to the following guidelines. if you do not, we will unfortunately be forced to disregard your submission. please also know that we are a nonprofit, net-loss magazine and currently cannot pay our contributors, though we hope to do so in the future. if your work is accepted, we ask for first serial rights and archival rights. rights revert back to the artist upon publication. in addition, we ask that previous contributors wait at least one reading period before submitting again.

we accept simultaneous submissions, but request that you let us know in your cover letter and immediately notify us via email if your work is accepted elsewhere, as we do not accept reprints. if a work we have published is accepted by another magazine as well, we ask that you credit us as your work's first home.

we would appreciate it if your submissions were in georgia font, and attached as a .pdf. you may submit up to three pieces. the maximum word count for both poetry and prose is two thousand words. we will not consider your submission if your work exceeds the limit. in addition, if your work is formatted nontraditionally, we request that you submit using google docs so that we might preserve the enjambment, etc. if published.

please note that if your work uses slurs unless stated that you are reclaiming them, promotes prejudice of any kind, encourages either suicide, self-harm, drug usage, or contains excessive and unnecessary depictions of gore, it will be disregarded. we also ask that you include a content warning if your work contains references to or implications of suicide, self-harm, sexual assault, or rape. in addition, our masthead is composed largely of minors. do not send us works that are sexually explicit. we will disregard your work if this is not strictly followed.

please send your submissions to cover letters are not required, but we do request your name, pen name (if any), and a brief bio written in the third-person. please format your headline according to the following format. [GENRE] your name – “title of work,” title of work,” & “title of work.” by genre, we mean either poetry or prose. if you are submitting multiple genres, please specify so in the brackets, separating with commas or ampersands as needed.

submissions for issue four are open from september 1st to october 30th. we try to respond within a month, but please do not query until three months have passed since your submission date. looking forward to reading your words!