tangled with pisces skulls like static gods you bathe in bloody marrow and bone upon bone upon bone; sizzling carcasses drowning your visionsnapping veins like otter pop visions crackling
you meet aphrodite on the roof of tracy’s mansionplucking grapes from god’s pupils like lazy corpsescorn ringlets sinking in a laurel headdress, splinteringsugared flesh with lightning glass like needled glares termites licking withered silver from her wrists;
she bites harps; you’re dirtied gold, girl; a god’s disgracelaced with rotten sea foam, she grins like clam shellsstripping wine from her stained gullet like koi scalesand you’re drunk on her pomegranate pupilsfloating between liquid gazes and rooftops
you meet aphrodite at the bottom of tracy’s poolbobbing for apples when your tooth snags gold


you still smell like ginger ale & broken butterfly wings & june’s hushed wind across a hilltop. is this faith? the way silk spills atop your skull like the black river? love, your marrow’s wine is white as Her cheeks, foundation smeared across rotting fields. i know where my bones stir in your pupil; they turn the color of torn ambition. & we’re feral seamsters with poems thrown on our thighs; this is birth; the way the sun bruises in the crooks of her smile; oh to sip a droplet of her sky; is this love? call it burning, the way your fingers slip into my skull & twist me around until i’m dreaming of recovery.

Jaiden Thompson is a 15 year old poet from Washington state, looking for their soul through writing verse and prose on occasion. As a raging member of the LGBT community, their poems more than often venture into queer themes and concepts. Other motifs within their writing include religion/mythology, racism, other social justice issues, and the struggles of adolescence. Occasionally, they post some of their writing on their Instagram (@a_poets_entrails).