expedited submissions

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be opening up expedited submissions for Pride month! We recognize and appreciate the role trans people have played in our community, and will be offering the following services in return for proof of donation to any trans charities or support of any trans-run businesses.

If you are a trans or non-binary person submitting, we are happy to offer a 24-hour response for free. Please follow the regular submissions guidelines, but be sure to include the word “EXPEDITED” in the subject line of your email. You do not need to include any identifying information in your email if you’re not comfortable doing so - we trust you! We also hope that anyone other than the intended does not take advantage of this facility.

$5 - 24-hour response

$10 - detailed feedback by our editors

$15 - detailed feedback AND a response within a week

Please email indigoliteraryjournal@gmail.com with the subject line “EXPEDITED [GENRE] your name - “title of work”, “title of work” & “title of work” and attach a screenshot of the transaction. Otherwise, we’d appreciate it if you’d follow our regular submission guidelines.

Additionally, please note:

  • Feedback is entirely subjective - all suggestions given will be according to what our staff members think about your piece! We will point out parts we liked as well as areas we think could be improved.

  • If we reject your piece, we will include a list of places for whom your work might be a good fit.

  • The prices above are just a guideline - we really appreciate any additional donations as well!

  • Thank you so much for your support - we appreciate it endlessly.