serene ng


Did you know
orcas play with their food? throw it up
into the air, watch it land
on concrete waves. think seal,
bloodied and bruised. think petals at a wedding,
the way you watch the pink against the sky
bleed into the blue in the blinding light. think
bones broken, the hiss
of matchsticks scraping against the box,
orange-blue flickering in the luminous night.
we shout at every sky.
we howl in the streets. the year
cracks open like a broken watermelon.
we are burning and the world
burns with us, all soot and smoke and
sorrow. if we are sleeping, let us wake:
the sky is red, and the city grey.

Serene Ng writes about people, places, and patterns. When she isn't writing, she's probably sleeping, scrolling Twitter, or listening to the Les Mis soundtrack for the nth time. She tells true stories. Well, most of the time.