editor-in-chief | she/her | india

Dhwanee Goyal is sixteen and getting through life one donut at a time. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Barrelhouse, Foglifter Journal, and Plum Recruit Mag, amongst others. You can find her on Twitter @pparallell, and her micro-chapbook "Kasauli Daydreams" is out with Ghost City Press.

managing editor | she/her | singapore

Xin Yi Yap lives in the fast-paced city of Singapore, where she meets with an existential crisis every now and then. On slower days, she writes circles around her sentiments and lets versions of herself flit among friends. She loves every shade of blue, and you can find her moseying along at daybreak and the universe, blogging about poetry, photography, and life. Her short story Minkuso Magic was published in the All in! Snackable Fiction Anthology 2017, and her flash fiction piece Walk-talking in Write the World’s Literary Journal 2017.

executive editor | she/her | hong kong

Jessica Tsang is a seventeen year old based in Hong Kong. At the age of five, she found that drawing stories was better than simply drawing, then that writing stories was better than drawing them. When she is not writing or contemplating the meaning of life, you can find her studying, playing music, or drowning herself in copious amounts of green tea. Her work is featured or forthcoming in the Blue Marble Review, the Heritage Review, and Cathartic Lit.

lead prose editor | she/her | ireland

Lara is sixteen years old and has lived in Ireland all her life. When she’s not thinking about hellenistic heroes and all the ways that certain colours make her feel, she’s picking her dog up and cradling her like a baby, or kicking a ball down the length of a football pitch as far as she possibly can. Her pronouns are she/her and she hates the way pulpy orange juice tastes.

lead poetry editor | she/her | united arab emirates

Afrah Shekh, 20, hails from India, but has lived in the warm-blooded deserts of UAE her whole life. When not consumed by the slow flames of passion in Wong Kar-Wai's films, she is listening to hollow songs on repeat and falling asleep at obscene hours. Her work has been featured in the Heritage Review, the Write the World Review, and Cathartic Lit Magazine

poetry editor | she/they | united states

Nora Conrad is a high school junior from Northwest Ohio. She is a full-time student and a part-time writer. From essay-writing to poem-penning, she always assures her voice is heard and enjoys politically-charged topics. She spends her precious free time reading, drawing, swimming competitively, and helping classmates with chemistry homework.

prose editor | she/her | united states

Ayla Deacon is a writer living in the mountains, where she is accompanied by wolfdogs and eternally lost in old music, new ideas, and forgotten stories. Her pieces rarely see the light of day, but a scant few of them can be found on Interstellar Literary Review and The Heritage Review.

poetry editor | she/her | united states

Jasmine Kapadia is a JUST POETRY!!! topical winner whose poetry has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Her work published or forthcoming in Superfroot Mag, the Eunoia Review, Malala's Fund Assembly, Kissing Dynamite, All Guts No Glory, and elsewhere. When not writing, she can be found stanning Beyoncé or (re)binge-watching RuPaul's Drag Race. Find her on Instagram @jazzymoons.

poetry reader | she/her | saudi arabia

Jood AlThukair is a writer and the founding editor-in-chief of Sumou, an online magazine that connects marginalized creatives, leaving pieces of themselves within its pages as they wander this earth. Aside from Sumou, she writes on decolonization, childhood, nostalgia, and how much she's obsessed with Arab and postcolonial literature. You can find her jamming to SZA, hiding under a hibiscus tree, or roaming around the streets in search for the perfect pomegranate.

prose reader | she/her | united states

Lyra Bornholdt-Collins is a high school sophomore and French student especially intrigued by the connections between different languages. When she isn’t contemplating existential questions, she is exploring the realm of classical music through piano, finding comfort in the bittersweet chords of Chopin and Satie.

poetry reader | she/her | united states

Riley Ferver is seventeen-years-old and lives by the Chesapeake Bay. She likes to seem intimidating but really just wears big hoodies and watches too much Gilmore Girls. A three-time award-winning playwright, she loves directing, playing guitar, singing, writing poetry, critiquing poetry, and the overpriced sushi at Harris Teeter.

poetry reader | she/her | united states

Mia Golden is a teen poet from California with a plant obsession (she has five, and more on the way!) and too many movie quotes floating around in her head. She is published or forthcoming in perhappened mag, all guts no glory, Pollux Journal, Eunoia Review, and more! She hopes you have a wonderful day!

prose reader | she/her | indonesia

Joey Isjwara is a Chinese-Indonesian writer and student. She loves reading, listening to ABBA, and playing with her very adorable dog. Her work is published or forthcoming in Juven Press, Hecate Magazine, and The Hearth. She wishes you a wonderful rest of your day!

prose reader | she/they | united states

Ainsley Kennedy hails from the Midwestern United States and is an honorary nature spirit, and a passionate writer. She loves the taste of starlight and the sound of cicadas, and writes best under moonlight. Her hoard of writing notebooks grows by the week.

poetry reader | she/her | india

Anoushka Kumar is a student and writer from India, with work forthcoming or published in perhappened mag, Vagabond City Lit, Live Wire, and elsewhere. She likes wood-panelled flooring and Phoebe Bridgers. Find her at

prose reader | she/they | canada

Grace Liang is a Chinese-Canadian writer based in Toronto. She likes watching 2D animation, wasting her time on AO3 and Twitter, and attempting (with no results so far) to find a fandom for novels written 1000 years ago.

poetry reader | she/her | singapore

Natasha Lim is a psychology student from Singapore who writes poetry and prose. Her work is forthcoming or published in the Blue Marble Review, the Eunoia Review, and the Galliard International Review, among others. In her spare time, she enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee and reading books that make her cry.

poetry reader | she/her | united states

Sunny Vuong is a second generation Vietnamese-American writer, whose recent works are featured or forthcoming in Kissing Dynamite, perhappened mag, and Diode, among others. In addition to serving as Interstellar Literary Review’s founding EIC, Sunny is also on the editorial staff of three other literary magazines. Outside of writing, she is an avid soccer player. She also adores the Oxford comma, irony, and a missed opportunity. Find her on Twitter @sunnyvwrites.

past staff: Sena Rose, Ai Li Feng