aika adamson "LILIES AND LILACS."

Tell me about the day we met,

centuries ago under a dark sky,

you found me alone, weeping until the ocean formed from the ground beneath my feet.

In your arms I learned of home and nothing else can compare;

that gentle sigh that escaped you when I held you

became the soft spring breeze,

carrying light to the far reaches of the universe.

And all those many histories remember us as

Light-Bearing Goddess,

Heaven In A Breathing Body--

I know you by the flowers that bloom at your feet,

Lilies and Lilacs sprung forth from the loving earth,

by the laughter that taught birds to sing

oh joy, oh joy, that we live here together.

When the fires rage unyielding across the world,

ash in the water and death in our lungs, know this:

I would halve the moon to hang on your ears, if you asked,

decorate each finger with a star, drape constellations on your willowy wrists.

I would remake the world anew just so I would not be alone in worshipping you.

So that you would live on, loved,

even when all that is left of me

is the memory of a hand reaching out to you.

Aika Adamson is an Okinawan-American poet currently studying Classics and Linguistics at the University of Arizona. Much of her work focuses on sapphic relationships, humanity, and growth. When not writing, she can be found making a mess while baking or bothering her dogs. Find her on Twitter @OkinawanAika